Turn The Tables on Tower Defense And Plan Your Attack with Anomaly Korea- iPad App Review

Anomaly Korea LogoYou’ve probably been through the following scenario before: place turrets in strategic locations, upgrade when possible, destroy waves of incoming enemy forces, repeat. Now, picture a slightly different version of the typical tower defense game. Instead of protecting your land from invading forces, you can invade and destroy your enemy’s army with Anomaly Korea.

This game is actually the follow-up to Anomaly Warzone Earth. This time, as the name suggests, the fight takes place on the city streets of Korea. You’ll be in charge of a force of well-armored vehicles that you plan the attack route for. Use special weapon boosts and repair drops to help get your men through the battlefield and to the destination spot.

Players control a troop of ground patrol vehicles that must enter a recently overtaken section of the city to complete missions. Sometimes, you’ll need to rescue forces, other times you’ll be flying an abandoned plane to safety. Each level requires players to determine the best possible way to complete the mission.

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That could mean driving down every single street, destroying all enemy towers, or finding the quickest route to the destination for a safe and timely rescue. It depends on your style of gameplay. Both tactics are acceptable and generate different amounts of achievements.

Players start each mission with a map. On the map, you must decide which route to take to get to the end point. If you choose to take the straightest path to the end point, you’ll be able to ensure the fastest rescue with the least amount of losses, but you’ll miss out on picking up special items that give more money. You’ll also miss out on destroying all of those nasty enemies.

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Players can buy units while in the middle of the attack. For example, if you start the level with two units, an APC and a Crawler, you can add more units after you’ve earned some money in the attack. After you’ve increased your coffers, you can add more APCs or upgrade the ones you’ve got.

Once you’ve played the first two missions in campaign mode, you’ll unlock the Art of War trial. In this new game, players are put into situations that require perfect strategy. You’ll have to prove your expertise with each of the game’s special abilities, like Boost, Smoke Screen, Decoy, and Air Strike.

Just like Anomaly War Zone, this follow up game allows players to control and attack instead of build and defend. It is well made and offers plenty of action.

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What I liked: The game has fantastic graphics and is universal, unlike its predecessor. The Art of War addition is also a lot of fun

What I didn’t like: Other than the Art of War addition, this game is not much different than the first one. It feels a bit redundant.

To buy or not to buy: If you like tower defense games and want a change of pace, this game will turn the whole genre upside down for you. If you already own Anomaly War Zone, you may be disappointed in how similar this one is. Anomaly Korea is on sale for a limited time, so if you are going to download it, do it before the game goes up in price.

  • Name: Anomaly Korea
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: 11 Bit Studios (Distributed by Chillingo)
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score:

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