Panoramic Photography Comes to iPad with AutoStitch Panorama

autostitch panorama

The panoramic photography feature that came in iOS 6.0 is super cool. I use it all the time to take pictures at parties, rock shows, conventions, and more. Basically, if I want a wide shot of an entire room, I use panorama… on my iPhone. For some unknown reason, Apple decided that iPad users didn’t want to take Panoramic shots. Thanks to Cloudburst Research, now, Apple tablet owners can create full featured panoramic photos using AutoStitch Panorama for iPad.

The company already has a successful iPhone app and today’s launch will make many iPad owners, that have been using the iPhone app, very happy. AutoStitch connects individual, full resolution camera images to stitch together a wide angle shot without having to step back. The iPad version allows for a maximum resolution of up to 36 megapixles, instead of having to use a reduced resolution video input. Thanks to Photo Stream, users who already have the iPhone version of AutoStitch Panorama can snap photos with one device and edit them with the other.

The iPad version includes the StitchGuide augmented reality viewfinder, which allows users to take multiple photographs and accurately compose their final panorama with a natural visualization of the placement of each image.

You’ll even be able to tough images in space to change how they are viewed, or choose to delete a photo entirely.

● Simple and intuitive interface. Just choose or snap images and tap “Stitch”
● Choice of resolutions up to 36 megapixels for poster-quality prints (iPad2 or newer)
● All source images are retained, so you can change stitch options later
● Crop the result with automatic or manual cropping
● Includes StitchGuide augmented-reality viewfinder (iPad2 or newer)
● Stitch photos taken with any other camera or app
● Share your creations via email, Facebook, or Twitter

Autostitch Panorama for iPad costs $2.99 and is available in the App Store today.

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