Google Lets You Work with Microsoft Office Documents with New iPad App

Quickoffice for iPad Google has been hard at work trying to improve its conversion software so that Google Docs users can convert Microsoft Office files to the productivity service better. The search engine giant even added the development team at Quickoffice to the efforts.

In a recent breakthrough, Google succeeded with Quickoffice conversion technology. In addition to properly converting Office files, Google, in collaboration with Quickoffice, launched an app that lets users edit them on the iPad.

The free app is only available to Google Apps for Business subscribers. However, there is a Pro HD version for $7.99 that Quickoffice created in October for users without an account. With Quickoffice, users will be able to open and edit any Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel file that is stored in Google Drive, right from an iPad.

Using the multi-edit toolbox, you can change text, paragraphs, backgrounds and cell arrangements across an entire document. Navigate horizontally and vertically through folders and file with a single screen view. Organize files with easy-to-use drag and drop controls in the File Manager.

The free app is available for Google Apps for Business customers and the paid app is available to anyone.

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