Create and Print 3-D Paper Crafts with Foldify – iPad App Review

foldifyappJust when avid iPad owners begin to think we’ve seen it all, an app like Foldify‘s release excites us with its simplicity and novel use of iOS.

Foldify allows the user to customize then print a digital template that when folded becomes a 3-D object. This iPad-only app is an analog offering in a digital universe that uses the iPad to connect the user to something tangible and outside the virtual world, plus it promises to appeal to a range of ages and artistic skill levels.

A user may start with one of seven projects (tree, superman, taxi) or choose from one of ten blank templates (car, house, various cubes and pyramids). Edit these templates with a choice of many colors, digital stamps, and various backgrounds. Users may purchase additional stamp sets in-app, though the default set offers a wide range of decorations to get you started. The developer also promises that the ability to import photos is coming to the app soon, which will further expand a user’s choices.

foldify2  foldify1

The user can then upload the finished creation to Foldify’s shared space, share it via email and social media, or save the image to the iPad camera roll.

To bring a Foldify project to life, either print in-app via AirPrint or email the project as a PDF. The user may also choose a print size (Small, Medium, Large).

Download Foldify for iPad from the App Store for the introductory price of $1.99.

What I liked: Foldify shows the user how a change looks in 3-D and flat mode.

What I didn’t like: Folidy’s concept is strong, but its execution is weak. The app’s editing functions need refinement. The default paint brush size is too large for small areas and the eraser is too small to be useful. The sizes of both must be customizable. It is difficult to use the app’s patterns because adding a pattern to an entire template effectively hides the template’s shape completely, and it was difficult to edit changes that one added to a template. The “erase every change” button worked inconsistently, so it isn’t always possible to restore a project to its default setting.

To buy or not to buy: Many of Folify’s weaknesses could be addressed through a developer update, and the app still has the potential to entertain its user. Most fans of paper crafts will enjoy Foldify’s take on creating 3-D paper models.

  • App Name: Foldify
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.2
  • Category:Entertainment
  • Developer:Pixle
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:

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