Rumor of the Day: Apple Working Double Shift to Release iPad Mini 2

mini-121024-2We all know there will be a second generation iPad Mini. What we don’t know is when it will arrive. The rumor mill is working overtime today, suggesting that Apple is ramping up their usual schedule and already making arrangements for an updated version of the smaller device.

While no details are known yet regarding what the new iPad Mini will include, though the most talked-about expectation is that it will have a Retina display. Inner workings aside, it appears that one of the biggest changes is that new suppliers are being tapped on the shoulder for assistance –including quite possibly Texas Instruments.

Of course, just because suppliers are being engaged and plans are being made doesn’t necessarily mean that a new tablet will be in our hands anytime soon.

No specific release date is known at this point and nothing is being tossed around just yet. Apple is going to have to be careful, with so many iPad Mini tablets under the Christmas tree already this year there could be real backlash from unhappy consumers if they make their device antiquated too quickly (like they did earlier this year to many disgruntled owners of the third generation iPad).

[via AppleInsider]

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  • Michael33704

    I heard that Apple is ready to release an updated version of the Ipad 5……when are all the Apple fanboys going to take a stand and tell this money hungry machine….ENOUGH!

  • Del Leutbecher

    I can tell you that if Apple releases an iPad mini within the next 12 months, I’m personally going to Cupertino to get my free upgrade plus travel expenses. I’m sick of this BS. Where O where art thou Mr. Jobs?

  • Winski


  • Joe N Tiffany Simpson

    They are releasing them faster than companies can make cases land protectors for them geez really””””””