Rhapsody Finally Comes to iPad

rhapsodyUsers of Rhapsody’s subscription music service will be thrilled to know that the much-anticipated iPad specific app has finally been released! Featuring a catalog with a mere 13 million songs (with new releases available every Tuesday), Rhapsody delivers on their promise to be a premium music streaming service for your home audio systems, or using mobile apps.

If you are new to Rhapsody, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to see what you have been missing!

Other services exist, but Rhapsody has been credited with being among the very first to offer streaming, on-demand music to subscribers. While others certainly exist, Rhapsody has the strongest diversity in supported devices and is well regarded for having the most meta-data on artists (meaning you have the best chance of finding new favorites while using their service).

This new iPad-centric version of Rhapsody’s app takes good advantage of the extra screen real-estate on the iPad but the most exciting difference is the promise by the developers of significantly improved playback speed. The iPad app also supports downloading music for on-the-go-with-no-active-Internet-connection listening pleasures, a feature not offered by many competing apps.

Airplay support, high bit rate streaming and an easy to navigate ad-free interface round out the reasons you should give this app a try!


You can download Rhapsody for free directly from the App Store.

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