Google Maps for iOS: Clear Success for Google, Still Waiting for iPad Version

google mapsImmediately after its launch, Google Maps was an instantaneous success in the Apple App Store. Google’s Senior Vice President of Commerce recently posted an unassuming message on his Google+ page with the headline, “More than 10 million downloads in less than 48 hours after release!” That is no surprise. Apple’s mapping service debacle will go down in history as one of the biggest mistakes the company every made.

Google’s SVP of Commerce, Jeff Huber, expressed excitement for the positive reception that Google Maps has received and congratulated the Maps Team for their hard work.

With 10 million downloads in two days, Google Maps quickly became the number one app in the App Store. Unfortunately, it was not optimized for the iPad. In every other version of iOS besides 6.0 and above, the Google Maps app was included on the iPad. For some reason, Google postponed releasing their mapping service as an iPad app.

For now, users can add a quick link to the Google Maps website through the Safari “Add to Home Screen” feature. Although this is not a customized app, it is better than Apple’s Maps app (no offense, Apple).

Hopefully, when Google Maps is finally optimized for the iPad, it will include turn-by-turn navigation and Street View, because that is cool.

[Via: 9to5Mac]

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  • Hinn Ong

    Check your spelling. Not one the biggest mistakes you’ve ever made I’m sure but a mistake nonetheless…

  • Linn

    “Apple’s SVP of Commerce, Jeff Huber,…” — hey, Jeff Huber is Google’s SVP!!! You usually have a lot of mistakes in your posts! Can you read your texts?

    • Bill

      thanks for the catch! we’ve updated the post accordingly.

  • Mike Cunneen

    There are 3rd party iPad apps such as EggMaps HD which provide Google Maps. Google encourages developers to integrate maps into their custom apps.