Revamped iPad Mini Likely to Have Retina Display


This isn’t the first time we have heard the rumor that the next version of the iPad Mini will include a Retina display. Most analysts and consumers alike are a little confused as to why the smaller-form-factor iPad didn’t include Retina to begin with– it’s certainly becoming an Apple standard issue feature, seen in the last few generations of the regular-sized iPad and the iPhone (not to mention the recent upgrades to the display options from the MacBook Pro lineup).

Reasons for the omission are not known (and likely never will be), but it could be related to supply, cost or even technological considerations like battery life or overheating. Regardless of the answer, the lack of Retina display has been a real negative aspect of the otherwise well-reviewed addition to the iPad lineup. (I do have a personal side-bet that this was Apple’s way of ensuring that people still wanted to also have the larger iPad instead of opting into the smaller device based on price-point alone.)

If Apple sticks with the technology they are used to for Retina displays, the new iPad mini would sport a resolution of 2058 x 1536 resolution measuring at 326ppi. Some speculation suggests that Apple may have changes in the pipeline for their high-definition technology with the biggest change likely to be a move from the current two LED light bars down to one (which should noticeably decrease the overall weight of the 9.7″ tablet).

[via Digitimes]

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