Dropbox Revamps iOS iPad App – Gives it a ‘Shiny New Design’


Dropbox is really going in for the whole social photo phenomenon right now. First, they were making it easy for your to save your photos in their cloud storage by letting you automatically sync them to Dropbox when ever you connected your device to your computer. Now, they’ve totally redesigned their iOS app to be more photo-friendly.

Version 2.0 just went live today and the “shiny new design” means they have done away with text labels on tabs in exchange for “clean and streamlined iconography.” The app has been cleaned up and unnecessary clutter has been eliminated. Basically, they “Apple-ized” it.

Most importantly, they’ve redesigned the photo features to offer quicker access to images you’ve uploaded to Dropbox. With the new photos tab, you’ll be able to scroll through a timeline of all the photos you’ve automatically uploaded.

The app has also been updated to streamline the way users upload anything to Dropbox. Navigate to the folder you want and tap the plus (+) icon. You’ll be able to upload files immediately.

Version 2.0 is free, as is the Dropbox app. Users get 2 GB of storage for free and can upgrade as they need it.

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