Samsung Exec Admits Using Apple Products At Home

Young SohnMIT Technology Review recently interviewed Samsung Electronics’ Chief Strategy Officer, Young Sohn. As the newly appointed head of innovating for the Korean-based company, Sohn spoke candidly with MIT reporter Jessica Leber. Maybe a little too candidly. When asked about Samsung’s future strategy to dominate the technology industry, he told Leber that, at home, he uses a Mac, iPhone and iPad.

What, what, what? It’s true. Sohn described the importance of a solid ecosystem and pointed to Apple as an example of how it is done right.

“If you look at the strengths of Apple, in a way it’s not the product per se. It’s that consumers like their ecosystem such as iCloud. I like that my family 6,000 miles away in Korea is able to see my schedule and see all of my contacts and photos. It is sticky, but it is a proprietary architecture, he said. “At work I’m using Samsung devices; Apple at home, mainly because all of my systems and files are done that way. That’s sticky, you know? However, I did figure out how to sync all of my contacts and all of my schedules between the two different systems. You can do it. It’s a bit of work, but it is possible.”

Sohn was quick to point out that he believes that Samsung makes superior hardware, but that Apple has the market on what he considers to be a critical component to good technology, a connected ecosystem.

Apple’s ecosystem is exactly what makes it stand out from the rest. Reuter’s recent survey points to that same conclusion. While some may consider the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to feature more advanced specifications, the general population is less interested in specs and more interested in ease of use. For that, Apple will always win big.

[Via: MIT Technology Review]

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