Wall Street Journal: Apple Television Set In ‘Early Stage of Testing’

AppleTV_Mockup_croppedThere has been a lot of hubbub around the water cooler lately in regards to whether Apple will finally admit that they are working on a television set. CEO Tim Cook hinted at the possibility to NBC in an interview last week. Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that suppliers have confirmed that Apple is working on the design of an Apple built TV.

According to WSJ writer Yun-Hee Kim, executives at some of Apple’s supply partners say that testing designs for a large-screen high-resolution television set are in the works.

Two unnamed suppliers told the WSJ that Foxconn has been collaborating with Sharp on the design of a new television set for several months. “It isn’t a formal project yet,” one supplier told the WSJ. “It is still in the early stage of testing.”

Kim noted that her information indicated that Apple is looking to embed software into a television set that will be a new addition to the market. She also noted that there isn’t really a strong software platform in the smart TV market right now and it is being considered the “next battle ground” in the technology industry.

Apple has a lot of hurdles ahead of them. Not only do they not actually have an official design for the television set, but they also don’t have and deals with operators to sell the device. Additionally, Apple’s relationship with cable companies is being described as “tense.”

With all of these factors, it is highly unlikely that we will see an Apple built television set in 2013. It is more likely to find its way into the market by early 2015.

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