Final Fantasy IV Joining iOS on December 20

The latest title in the Final Fantasy game series, Final Fantasy IV, is set to become an early Christmas gift for lovers of the franchise. Available on iOS beginning December 20, Final Fantasy IV is arriving just in time to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary.

Final Fantasy has long-since been a beloved series of RPG-style games with a strong focus on a character-driven plot featuring dramatic and complex storytelling.

The good news is that the iOS version of Final Fantasy IV promises to pay tribute to the fan-favorite installment that is “particularly fondly remembered as a landmark of the series that introduced a number of concepts and characters, along with an involved plot and high-quality music score that resonated with players.”

The bad news is that the price for Final Fantasy IV is expected to run at the same premium rate of around USD $20 that previous titles from the series have carried (as an example, Final Fantasy III is on sale now for USD $9.99, quite a discount from the regular USD $16.99).

If you are ready to reminisce and get prepared for the launch, consider also grabbing Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II, which are on sale until December 14 at USD $4 instead of the regular USD $9.

[via MacNN]

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