Lunatik Chubby Stylus for iPad and iPhone – Gear Review

At first glance, the new Chubby from LUNATIK looks more like a squat highlighter than a stylus, but a second look reveals far more about this sleek new tool. Ergonomically designed, this baby fits snuggly into your hand. Its designed with a wide body, a rounded triangle in section, that tapers to a smooth nib at the end. The material – a high-grade silicone rubber – feels state-of-the-art soft with a little ‘squish’ to it for added comfort. I could easily see myself sketching with this for longer periods of time with no discomfort.

Before taking it for a spin on the iPad, I thought the wide body would produce a fat uncontrollable lineweight, but I was wrong. You can easily control the pressure on the high-grade silicone rubber tip and angle the body to get a fine, precise line, or a bold, thick mark. Unassumingly, this stylus has a wide degree of control in this area and provides for a more varying lineweight than most styli I’ve tried.

What I liked:   This stylus could be used by anyone, of any age. While it might look like a child’s tool at first glance, I find it to be really comfortable and love sketching it with myself. You have great control of the lineweight, and its very responsive to pressure.

What I didn’t like:  I did find however that using this stylus to write was a bit more cumbersome than other styli I’ve tried. I prefer this for drawing or sketching, rather than writing.

To buy or not to buy:  If you’re looking to purchase a stylus for a child or artist, I would highly recommend the Chubby.

  • Accessory Name: Chubby
  • Category: Stylus
  • Company: LUNATIK
  • Colors: Blue, Lime, Orange, Violet, White
  • Price: $19.95
  • Score: 

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  • Ruud Henris

    That’s so cool! I’d love to have one of these for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Yes, it has a stylus built in, but it’s not easy to pull out and this looks more fun. BTW, the Note 2 on AT&T 4GLTE flies! I’m in San Francisco and my clients at my hair salon play with it to look for hairstyles fast!