Sega Ditches the Arcade Action in New iPad Word Game Spellwood

When you think of the game developing company Sega, you think of hedgehogs running at the speed of light or taxi drivers running over surfers on the way to pick up a fare. You don’t normally think of word games. You also don’t think of social gaming. The company recently launched Spellwood – Word Game Adventure for the iPhone and iPad, which is a word game with a social connection. Times, they are a changing.

Spellwords is a word game that is somewhat similar to Scrabble, except that players create one word at a time (or two or three if they are particularly good at word games).

Every time a new word is created, the previous one of the board disappears. As it is with most word challenges, the point score matters most.

Sega didn’t break with tradition that much when creating this game. Players actually battle against each other by casting spells with their words. Each time you play a word, the total score is deducted from your opponent’s hit points. Even though this is a word game, it is still full of action.

The game is geared toward younger players, but if you increase the difficulty level, word warriors of all ages can compete for top prizes.

Players can compete against friends and family through Game Center of Facebook, so you can blast your buddy to Kingdom Come with your mad word skills.

Spellwood – Word Game Adventure costs just $1.99 and is available in the app store today.

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