Tabi Stand – A Great Travel Companion for Your iPad

There are quite a few iPad stands on the market, but not many hit the sweet spot between portability and functionality. The Tabi Stand is an iPad stand that was just released on the market, and not only is it compact, it also provides instant support at any angle.

The Tabi Stand is lightweight and small enough to fit in any computer bag or purse, making it the perfect stand to take with you wherever you go.

An innovative slider allows you to reach behind your screen with your thumbs to adjust your iPad’s angle while it is in the stand, and the Tabi will remain stable on any surface, both hard and soft, thanks to its clever geometrical design.

Here’s what Tabi founder David Bolliger has to say about the stand:

“We realised the important thing about a stand is not how it supports your device but how comfortable it is to move from one environment to the next. When you stand up from the sofa and walk to the kitchen, your fingers hold the Tabi in place. This means your tablet is already in the stand when you set it down. You can lift your tablet out of the stand at anytime.”

Every contact point on the Tabi has been rubberized with high quality double injection molding, and there are no metal parts to scratch your iPad. With both a set front and back position, there are quick access angles for video chatting and watching movies, and you can also find the perfect typing angle because it is 100% adjustable.

The Tabi comes in three colors, black, pink, and green, and can be purchased from the Tabi Stand website for just $24.95.

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