New Update to Kindle App for iOS Extends X-Ray Support

There are quite a few features that Amazon reserves exclusively for its own hardware tablet devices. Even though you can download thousands of books and magazines to your iPad with the Kindle Reader app, the online retail giant excludes such options as free book rentals with Amazon Prime accounts, something you can do on a Kindle device. Today, the company has updated the iOS app to support its popular feature X-Ray, making it even more awesome than before to download Amazon books to your iPad.

X-Ray is a feature that “lets you look at the bones of a book.” On any given page of a book, readers can access X-Ray to see character names, geographical locations, and historical information. Basically, the book you are reading will let you research deeper into it with this technology.

Version 3.5 brings this wealth of information to iOS. Owners of both an iPad and Kindle device will often comment on how the iOS app is lacking such an important feature. Amazon heard your complaints and you can experience the rich knowledge that X-Ray for Books gives you.

Maybe Amazon will someday allow iPad users to rent books through Amazon Prime for free. That would really make the app worth having. In the meantime, update the iOS Kindle Reader app for free and start reading the “bones” of your books.

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