Make Your Own Comic Strip Staring Rosie – iPad App Review

Rosie Comics Maker is an app that lets you make your own comic strips using the witty but troublesome Rosie and her humorous entourage. Create mini comics using predesigned images set to your own story and be in charge of what Rosie will do next.

Never heard of Rosie? That’s o.k. Neither had I. You don’t need to be a fan of the character to enjoy playing with this artistic app. You may not be able to create your own characters, but you certainly can have fun with the multitude of options at your disposal.

Users first pick a panel template. Choose from nine different templates that offer between one and six panels on a page. When you’ve picked which template you want to use, add a background image to the first panel. Choose from more than 50 different background cells, including solid colors, wallpaper designs, various rooms in Rosie’s house, and the nearby park. Each background can be zoomed in or out to help you set the mood for your story.

Once you’ve picked a background, decide whom you want to be in the scene. There are only six different characters, plus two shadows (Rosie’s mom and dad?), but all characters have multiple positions to help them fit into the story seamlessly. For example, Rosie has 54 different positions of her sitting, standing, and lying down.

You can make each character larger or smaller by pinching to zoom. Use this feature to create realist depth. Have one character off in the background with another at the forefront of the panel. You can also flip each character so he or she is facing a different direction, plus you can bring one character to the front of a scene, or send them to the back.

You can also add background fodder to bring out the character of the shot. For example, you could have a bag of potato chips lying on the ground and Rosie’s baby book on a desk.


The most important part of the comic strip is the words. Have a good joke ready to tell that can be flushed out with a punch line delivered in six panels or less. Think about how Garfield or The Peanuts Gang would play out. Your joke doesn’t always have to be funny. It just needs a beginning, middle and end.

There are lots of fine-tuning controls that let you adjust the direction of objects, clone items, delete things, and more. When you’ve finished everything, you can name your strip and save it. You will also be able to share it with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and email.


What I liked: This is the kind of app all comic creation apps should be like. Obviously, you would want to use your own imagery, but this app makes great looking comic strips.

What I didn’t like: Things load slowly. Sometimes, I’ll select an image or character and it will take so long to load, making me think the app froze up for a second.

To buy or not to buy: This app is a lot of fun for kids ages 6 to 10. It may be an issue for them if they don’t know who Rosie is, but putting together a classic comic strip is easy and fun and they will probably end up enjoying themselves, even if Rosie isn’t a Disney princess.

  • Name: Rosie Comics Maker
  • Version Reviewed: 2.0
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Developer: 2 Minutes
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:

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