Google Gives iPad and iPhone Gmail App a Major Overhaul

If you’ve been using Google’s Gmail app to read your emails, you’ll be happy to know that the software company has just revamped their popular app with a whole new look and feel. Download it today for a “New Welcome Experience.”

According to Google’s blog, the mobile app team has been working on a new version of Gmail for iPhone and iPad for six months. The final results offer a complete redesign, plus some added features to make your email reading experience better than ever.

Now, users can see their friends’ profile pictures in messages, there are new animations and tweaks to wow you, including infinite scrolling in the message list.

There are also a few time saving features like auto complete for search typing and the ability to RSVP to Google Calendar invites from within the app.

The best feature to be added to the iOS Gmail app is multiple account support. Who, in this day and age, doesn’t have more than one email account? For those with more than one Gmail account, Google gives you the ability to access all of them without having to log out first. You’ll be able to switch between accounts with just one tap.

Gmail – email from Google is universal, free and available to download in the App Store today. If you already have the app, check your updates to get version 2.0.

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