Organize Your Photos and Create Slideshows with Focus Point — iPad App Review

Focus Point is a photo album manager and slideshow app that’s been designed to take advantage of the iPad’s large Retina screen.

This app isn’t for taking photos – instead, it is for browsing all of the photos that you have already taken, which is great if you take a lot of photos with the iPad or use it in your photo workflow.

The app opens with a view of all of your albums. If you tap one, you will see all of the photos that are in the album, displayed in a simple, clean interface.

This is an app that makes your photos the focus of the app, rather than the interface or the features. You can use pinch and pull gestures to zoom into your album, which makes the thumbnails bigger or smaller. This is a nice feature because you can see your photos all together or zoom in to just a few.

If you select a specific photo you can view camera details if they are available, and get info on the photo. It will tell you the resolution of the photo and the file size, which is great if you upload a lot of photos from your iPad. It will also display available metadata.

In individual mode, if you tap the play button, you can have all of your photos displayed in a slideshow, making this a truly versatile app. It’s a great way to display photos to clients, or to show off your latest vacation photos to family and friends.

There are a few editing tools you can take advantage of, which allow you to add in details like photo titles and captions if you need more organization.

You can also use this main photo interface to organize your photos into different albums or to send your photos to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can choose specific sizes when you upload photos, and there’s an option for email too.

All in all, this is a fantastic photo organization app. If you deal with a lot of photos on the iPad, Focus Point will help you keep everything in order.

What I liked: This app has a simple, unobtrusive interface that’s perfect for viewing and editing photos. It also makes a great background for slideshows.

What I didn’t like: The app has a lot of features that aren’t readily apparent, including the slideshow. It could be improved with a set of directions on usage.

To buy or not to buy: Focus Point is a must have if your iPad is part of your photography workflow.

  • App Name: Focus Point
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.1
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Developer: Sarofax
  • Price: $3.99
  • Score:

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