Keep Track of all Your Presents with one of these Gift Tracking Apps

It’s the beginning of December, which means its time to pack up all the turkey decorations, get out the Christmas lights, and start that holiday shopping.

It can be tough to keep track of who wants what, especially when you’re part of a big family. With one of these gift tracking apps, you can keep the entire family’s wish lists right at your fingertips, meaning you’re sure to get the perfect present for Aunt Edna and little Bobby. If you need a little organizational help this year, take a look at our list of present planning and tracking apps after the break.

Gifts HD ($4.99) – Gifts HD is a great way to stay organized this holiday season. Multiple people in the family can use this app if you share an iPad – every person has a separate profile with an individual gift list and password, so no one else can see the gifts you plan on giving. You can add a list of people to buy for, and add in a budget for each person, so you don’t end up spending too much this year. There are also tools that allow you to track what you’ve purchased, mailed, and wrapped for everyone.


mGifts ($0.99) – With mGifts, holiday shopping is a breeze. You can create a gift list and a budget, so you stay on track with the gift giving this year. It has a great interface so it’s easy to see how many gifts you still need to get, how many gifts you have purchased, and how much money you’ve spent on each person or group. You can also organize your gift list in several handy ways, including by store, event, group, or person so you can be sure that no one goes without a present. Viewing by store is especially handy, because you can plan your shopping trips in advance.


Wish (Free) – With this app, you can create wish lists or lists of gifts that you want to buy for other people, and then receive special deals on the products on your wish list. This is great because it will provide you with a coupon or two for products that you’re already planning on purchasing. You can also connect this app to Facebook to get ideas on gifts to buy for your friends and family. There’s even a way to buy products directly in the app with PayPal or a credit card, which makes shopping super easy.


iPresents ($1.99) – This app is designed to help you keep track of presents for Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion. You can keep a detailed list of all of your friends and family and set a budget so you know exactly what you’re spending. The app keeps track of ideas and it keeps track of what you’ve already purchased or ordered. You can even share your lists via email, if you need to send someone else out to do a bit of shopping for you.


Pinterest (Free) – Pinterest is a great app to use when you’re looking for presents. If you need something specific, say a cute sweater, just do a search and you’re sure to find hundreds of great gift ideas. Pinterest doesn’t have as much organization as these shopping apps, but you can make a board for each of your intended giftees to store present ideas, which is handy because it includes links to buy each item online. There are even secret boards now, so you can keep your purchases hidden from prying eyes.

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