Intel Making a Strong Move to Join Apple’s Devices

Last week, RBC Capital analyst Doug Freedman told investors that it is likely that Apple is already looking for a new chipmaker to replace Samsung and Intel is on the short list. Rumors have been flying lately that Apple and Samsung are on the verge of parting ways completely. According to Freedman, not only is Samsung getting ousted, but Intel may get the contract.

Freedman wrote a letter to investors, detailing the purported deal that Apple and Intel are working on. According to the analyst, Intel would agree to use Apple’s preferred architecture for the iPhone (ARM) and in return, Apple would agree to use Intel’s x86 architecture for the iPad.

To further fuel the rumor fire, CNET is reporting that Intel is hard at work to reduce battery consumption in their Ivy Bridge chip.

The Ivy Bridge chip is the exact processor used in Windows ultrabooks and Apple’s MacBook Air. Currently, it is rated at 17 watts. However, an unnamed source told CNET that a future version of the chip would be rated “well below” 17 watts.

It is rumored that Apple has turned Intel’s processor chip in the past due to its overconsumption of battery life. If the rumors are true, it is highly likely that Apple will partner with the tech company. Intel and Apple have been working together on iMac and MacBook Air for years now. The extended relationship only makes sense.

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