Pogo Sketch+ Stylus for iPad – Gear Review

With the holidays edging closer and closer, many of you will be venturing out to find an iPad or iPad mini for that special someone. One of the best accessories this year for that new tablet is a stylus – and what a great stocking stuffer this will be! We’ve been quite lucky here to get our hands on the new Pogo Sketch+ from Ten1Design – one of the leading styli makers for the iPad.

The first thing you’ll notice about the the Sketch+ is it’s sleek, minimalist design. The idea is clear and simple- straight body, rubber tip, and spring clip. Done. And for a punch of fun, there are four bold color options available – silver, hot pink, lime green, and burnt orange.

The Sketch+ has an anodized aluminum body, and while it is quite thin, just shy of 1/2″ in diameter, it has a nice solid weight to it. While this may be one of the smallest stylus we’ve tried, the narrow build actually lends this to be a very precise tool. Jotting down notes, revising your Christmas list, or sketching a new idea feels effortless, and we love the control of line weight depending on the pressure you exert. See the sketches below.


What I liked: I like the smaller size of this stylus- it lends to higher accuracy compared to others I’ve used. I also enjoy the solid weightiness it has because of it’s metallic body – you feel like you have a durable tool in your hand.

What I didn’t like: While the small size works well for me, and definitely for children, someone with larger hands my have a hard time getting a good grasp on it.

To buy or not to buy:  With so many new sketch apps released lately – Paper for iPad, Moleskin, SketchbookPro, etc – I am finding more and more reasons to pick up a stylus to make a quick sketch or jot down what I need from the grocery store. Its times like these when it’s nice to have something smaller than a fingertip to work with.  Having a proper tool, one that is both accurate and durable [and quite cool of course], I would definitely recommend this stylus to anyone in the market.

  • Accessory Name: Pogo Sketch+
  • Category: Stylus
  • Company: TenOneDesign
  • Colors: Silver, Hot Pink, Cactus [Lime Green], Burnt Orange
  • Price: $14.95
  • Score: 

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