Make Beautiful Art Out of Your Photos with Art Sketch – iPad App Review

Art Sketch is a photography app that turns your snapshots into art. Create customized artworks, or select your effects at random to see what interesting images you discover.

Users start by either taking a picture or selecting from their iPad’s camera roll. The first thing you will want to do is add the effects filter. Choose from 17 different filters, including Linecolor, Crosshatch and more. Once you’ve found the effect you like, add a frame to suit your desire.

There are 13 different frames, six of which are variations of a red-and-white striped vintage postal envelope. The other seven are different wood frames, including an oval one and a window frame.

After you’ve picked a frame, its time to move on to the canvas type. This is another effects layer that will make your image look like it is on lined paper, ancient stationary, and more. There are 15 different canvas types.


If you don’t know how you want your artwork to look, you can always tap the dice icon for a random mix of effects, canvases, and frames. You can randomize as many times as you like until the right one tickles your fancy. All of the effects can be fine tuned with colors, line thickness, etc.

After you’ve completed your effects adjustment, you can save the final image to your camera roll, send it to FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. You can also send it directly to friends and family through email.

While this app is reasonable for what it offers, it leaves a lot to be desired. I’d like to see the ability to use multiple effects on the same image. The canvas options should also have some fine-tune abilities, like effect strength.


What I liked: I liked being able to fine-tune effects. Sometimes, having more or less color makes a big difference on the way the effect works.

What I didn’t like: The frames were cheesy and cartoon looking. I’d rather not have a frame than the ones they offered.

To buy or not to buy: This app doesn’t really offer more than what can already be used through a lot of other effects apps. If you don’t already have a photo app that stylizes your art with effects layers, this isn’t a bad choice. Hopefully, the devs will work on adding more options in the future.

  • Name: Art Photo Sketch HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Developer: Applistar Corporation
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:

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