Pong Turns 40, Atari Celebrates With Launch of iOS App Pong World


Depending on how old you are, you’ll remember PONG as being the first ever in-home arcade game. Before Atari took gaming into the living room, kids had to actually go outside if they wanted to play video games. Not only that, but the cost of achieving top-ten ranking on any cabinet game would set you back way more than $1.99.

Forty years later and so many things have changed that sometimes, we just want to go back to the simpler times. To a time when you had one movement control and one fire button, a time when you could only run one direction, sideways. We just want our PONG back.

Atari has made our dreams come true with the release of Pong World. Well, sort of. The remodeled version of the first console game ever is not quite as basic. Players buy paddles, use special powers and earn coins to unlock new worlds.

Pong World came about as a reward for the Pong Indie Developer Challenge, in which Atari called on developers to create their own version of the classic game specifically for mobile devices. The winner, zGames, was awarded $50,000 and the company’s submission became the first official PONG title to be launched by Atari on for iOS.

PONG Circa 1972

“We were impressed with the creativity and original vision of indie developers in the PONG contest, and the grand prize winner receives full honors as the marquee release for the title’s 40 year anniversary,” said Giancarlo Mori, EVP Product Development, Atari. “Pong World is an excellent tribute to one of our company’s legacy titles, giving players a fresh new look and the classic gameplay they know and love.”

Pong World is a freemium game. However, don’t be dissuaded by that knowledge. The game is still plenty fun and the new additions make it worth the download.

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