Etsy Finally Gets iPad Treatment, Crafters Rejoice

Etsy launched in 2005 by a furniture maker who was upset about the difficulties in finding ways to sell his hand-crafted wares. The website is dedicated to crafters around the world that are looking for a virtual home for their storefront. It has gained immense popularity in the past seven years. Until yesterday, Etsy fans could only use the official app from their iPhones, or by hitting the “2X” button on their iPads. Today, the app has finally been updated to be optimized for the larger screen landscape. Now, crafters can sell and craft lovers can buy with the full screen of the iPad.

When you first log in to your account, you will be asked to select from a handful of categories in order to create a list of sellers for you to start following. When you select categories like, Vintage, Art, and Clothing, a news feed like list will appear so you can browse through items that interest you the most.

You can also access your account, where you will see purchase histories, conversations, and social connection information. You can see a list of your favorite shops and items, buy something cute, search for specific crafts and vintage goods, or just browse through top picks.

If you’ve been stretching out your Etsy app so you can shop on your iPad, stretch no further. Update the free official Etsy app today and visit your favorite hand-crafting sellers in full 9.7-inch glory.

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