Time Warner Would Welcome an Apple-Built Television

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes told Business Insider at this year’s IGNITION conference that he was looking forward to Apple’s rumored television set. Being backed by such a big name in entertainment is good news for the iPad maker. That is, if they really are making a television set. We’ve been hearing rumors about the elusive living room centerpiece for at least two years now. Sometimes we hear that the television set is already in production. Other times we hear that the whole idea is nothing more than a dream. Apple has never even hinted at the possibility of the dubbed “iTV.”

At the IGNITION conference, Bewkes told attendees that he hopes Apple will make a television set. “I think Apple is a great device company.” He believes that the iPad maker could solve a “fundamental problem” with the television business.

According to Bewkes, cable companies have “crappy interfaces” that make it difficult for viewers to sort through the 200 plus channels they have. Apple’s solution would likely be a redesign of television interface, turning each channel into an app so that viewers could easily find shows they want to watch from their favorite channels.

The Hulu Plus interface is a perfect example of Apple’s ability to turn something awkward and cumbersome into something easy to browse through. On a variety of different set-top boxes, as well as console games that feature the streaming media service, users drudged through page after page, scroll after scroll, of movies and television shows.

When Apple finally launched the Hulu Plus app it was like they reinvented the whole idea and made it easier to discover new shows and find great movies.

If Apple does finally make a television set, the innovation won’t be in the hardware. It is likely the screen will be similar to what is already available on the market today. TVs have gone about as far as they can go technologically. The real improvement will be in the software. An Apple television would probably be the user-friendliest television on the market. Like the iPad, the advanced design would also probably lead others in the industry to revamp their own interface in an attempt to regain control of an industry that is a decade behind in design. Maybe Microsoft will even launch their own television set… two years too late.

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