KICKSTARTER: Podi-m – A Minimalist Dock for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Are you planning on getting your loved one a fourth-generation iPad for Christmas? Did you already receive your iPad mini in the mail and are now looking for a sleek and attractive display dock to compliment it? The Podi-m might be the Lightning connector accessory you are looking for and, even though it is still in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign, you could have one under the Christmas tree in time for the present exchange.

The Podi-m (pronounce it like podium) is a diminutive oval shaped stand with a hefty base so you can grab your iPad and go without needing to use two hands to remove it. It comes with two different adapters, one for the recently outdated 30-pin connector and one for the new Lightning connector, so even if you have multiple models in your household, you’ll be able to dock them on the Podi-m.

The stand is made from anodized aluminum with an etched aluminum top and bottom and either a black or white high gloss coating to match your iPad’s color. It is also available in limited supply with either an oak or maple finish for those who appreciate the warmth of natural wood.

There is a slim prop that your device rests against which features a soft nylon tip to protect against accidental scratching. The base includes two steel discs and a rubberized bottom to ensure that the stand stays on the table when you undock your device from the Podi-m.

The Kickstarter campaign for this product doesn’t end until December 13, but the creator promises that the first 500 orders (400 in black or white, plus 100 in oak or maple) will get their dock in time for Christmas. The stands are already being made at personal expense and immediate customization will take place as soon as backers specify which color they want. If everything goes according to plan, the Podi-m will ship no later than Dec. 16 through USPS priority mail.

The black and white models cost $59 and the oak and maple models cost $79. Order your early bird Podi-m today and get it before Christmas.

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