Holiday Baking Apps and Accessories

The holidays is a time when many of us are inspired to get in the kitchen and whip up some delicious baked goods to share with friends and family.  Whether the idea of baking intimidates you or excites you, these apps and accessories will make those kitchen adventures a lot more fun!


Epicurious (Free) This is one of the best all-around recipe apps available.  It’s got a huge variety of recipes and a great search function to filter out exactly what you’re looking for.  In the search section tap Season or Occasion and choose Christmas to get just their holiday recipes, then tap Dish Type and select what you want to bake – there are tons of choices, from cookies and pies to candy and even edible gifts.  You’ll definitely find something that suits your skills and taste here!  You can save recipes to favorites for easy access later on, and there’s a built-in shopping list function to make preparing for a trip to the grocery store a breeze.


Martha Stewart Makes Cookies (Free) If cookies are your thing, look no further than this app, which is free for a limited time (including all the extra recipe bundles).  There are over 80 cookie recipes with a robust search function and shopping list, plus instructional videos, tips, and packaging ideas.  There’s even a built-in kitchen timer!  The Holiday Sugar & Spice bundle has a fantastic variety of recipes perfect for the holidays, and find inspiration in the “cookie runway” of pictures of all the mouthwatering possibilities.



Festive Holiday Baking ($2.99) This app features a variety of simple holiday baking recipes, each with eight ingredients or less – making it easy if you don’t already have a well-stocked kitchen for baking.  Plus every recipe is accompanied by a picture for quick browsing and inspiration.  Not sure what you want to make?  Simply shake your iPad and it’ll randomly choose a recipe for you!





If you’re taking your iPad into the kitchen, it’s good to have a designated spot to keep it from accidental damage while you’re baking up a storm.

Check out the Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus for a portable, functional and stylish way to prop up your iPad for optimal viewing.  Priced at $39.99, the stand comes with a large stylus, complete with its own holder, to keep your messy fingers from dirtying up your iPad screen.  The rubber tip of the stylus is designed for easy navigation, and the other end has a magnet that can be used to wake up your device with a single tap.  The stand a nice wide groove that is compatible with all cases, and a nonslip rubber base that keeps your iPad grounded while you tap away.


Running low on counter space?  Belkin’s got a solution for you, too!  Check out the Kitchen Cabinet Mount, which securely attaches your iPad to any cabinet or shelf for easy viewing without taking up valuable counter space – plus keeping it elevated makes it a lot harder to accidentally spill something on your valuable device.  It mounts via a secure clamp so no tools are needed, and installation is not permanent.  It is priced at $49.99 and is compatible with all iPads.

About Jenni: Jenni is a healthy-living food blogger who rarely lets her iPad leave her side. Find her on Twitter @spoonfulatatime.