Targus iNotebook Case Now Shipping

Sure, there are plenty of cases that make your iPad look like a notebook. The DODO case is a perfect example. However, there aren’t many cases that actually transfer your notebook notes to your iPad wirelessly. In fact, I’m not sure there is any other case but Targus’ iNotebook that features such technology. We told you about this amazing new bit of technology at the beginning of the year. Targus’s iNotebook is now available for purchasing and will be at your doorstep in time for Christmas.

The classic looking case features Bluetooth technology that allows you to write notes on regular notebook paper and it will transfer the writing in real time to your iPad using the compatible app. The iNotebook recognizes the letters on the paper and transfers them to the iPad. Even when you don’t have your iPad with you, the iNotebook case will store more than 100 pages of notes and transfer them when you are ready.

The key is the included stylus/ink hybrid pen. This rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled sensor sends your information to your iPad so whatever you are writing will transfer to digital instantly. It also features integrated memory to allow you to take notes “offline” and transfer them to your iPad at a later date. The iNotebook comes with the sensor pen, plus three ink refills and a 100-sheet paper notebook.

The compatible app lets you organize notes, annotate pages, and share documents with others. It is even AirPlay compatible so you can sketch ideas and project your real-time notes onto a larger screen for others to see. Even without the Targus case, anyone can use the free iNotebook app. The real-time transfer of hand written notes only works with the case, but the app is great for keeping ideas organized digitally.

The iNotebook Case is available today. It comes in black or white with black and costs $179. Order from the company’s website today and give the gift of old-fashioned handwriting to someone you love.

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    What an ingenious concept! And from the outside, the case is not too shabby either. But for that price, it would be nice if it performed a few other tricks as well. Notably the same standard functions that folio cases generally provide.