Rock the Holiday Party with these iPad Tips

Back in July, we told you how to be your own deejay using an iPad, some high-quality speakers, and a couple of decent apps.

This time, we are going to put a festive spin on the home grown deejay concept and give you some tips on how to make the season bright by rocking around the holiday clock with your iPad.

If you aren’t trying to get pro gigs at your buddy’s wedding reception, but you want to know how to impress the family during the cookie exchange, follow our advice and be the life of the party.

If you are planning on being the host with the most this year, you won’t even need to fill up your iPad with music. You can keep your tunes in the cloud using iTunes Match. For $24.99 per year, you can store all of your music in Apple’s iCloud and access any song, any where from any device.

If you have already purchased iTunes Match, be sure to activate it on your iPad. Go to your settings app, find the “iTunes & App Stores” tab on the list on the left side of the screen and flip the iTunes match switch to On. Getting all of your songs into iCloud can take a long time, so subscribe to iTunes Match at least a day ahead of time so your music will upload in time for the party.

You could designate yourself the holiday deejay at this year’s shindig, but maybe you’d like to partake of some Figgie pudding, too.

If you want to rock the tunes like a pro, download djay by algoriddim or DJ Rig for iPad, and don’t forget to grab yourself the iRig MIX to really show off your moves.

If you are more of a, “push play and walk away” kind of rocker, you may need to check out Christmas RADIO. This amazing app gives you access to more than 50 radio stations that play holiday music 24 hours per day all over the world, including the Netherlands, France, and even the North Pole.

Depending on the type of party you are having, your guests may groan at the sound of sleigh bells ringing while they are sipping eggnog. You could hit the shuffle button on your iPad and hope that audio book you ripped off the Internet last month doesn’t pop up. Or, you could use Apple’s genius feature to automatically play a selection of songs that fit your mood. If you are feeling particularly creative, you could make a playlist for your party.

You know what goes over great at holiday parties? Karaoke. Download StarMaker: Karaoke + Auto- Tune to turn your iPad into a game of SingStar, or grab Karaoke Cloud to have complete access to more than 8,000 songs for a monthly subscription cost of $9.99. You are going to need an iPad compatible microphone like the Blue Spark Digital Microphone or the iRig MIC, but it will be so worth the extra money when aunt Bonnie is rocking out to AC/DC.

To really make the party shine, you’ll need a good set of speakers. If you are inviting the family to your house, a nice set of AirPlay speakers will do the trick. You don’t need them to be mobile, so a good quality AirPlay receiver might be the best option. Check out our list of top audio receivers that are AirPlay-enable.

If you plan to travel for your holiday gatherings this year, battery powered speakers might be a better fit for you. We had a week long segment about the iPad and the out of doors back in July and we made a list of some of our favorite battery powered speakers.

The only other thing you’ll need to spread some holiday cheer is your vintage Guns ‘n Roses t-shirt and some extra bourbon in your monogrammed flask to spike the eggnog with. Rock on!

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