iPad Mini in Short Supply Until 2013

If fourth quarter results come in lower than expected for iPad minis, don’t be surprised. It isn’t because of lack of interest in the smaller sized tablet. The problem lies in supplies. According to DigiTimes, Apple can’t get units on store shelves fast enough because of issues with mass production of display panels and supply shortages of backlight modules for both the iPad mini and the upcoming iMac models.

Unnamed sources told DigiTimes that AU Optronics, one of Apple’s display providers, is “having mass production issues.” As a result, overall shipment of the manufacturer’s iPad mini parts has dropped to approximately 22 percent, down from its original target of 40 percent.

“Mass production of panels used in the iPad mini has reportedly suffered low yield rates, and backlight module providers have also had a shortage of supplies, which is affecting the amount of iPad minis that can be shipped in 2012, said the sources.”

According to DigiTimes, Apple set a 10 million shipment target for the fourth quarter of 2012, but due to these shortages may only be able to reach six million by the end of the time frame.

The same report also mentioned that LG Display, one of Apple’s supply partners for the upcoming iMacs, is having mass production issues of their own and just doesn’t have enough space to meet demand. This may be the cause of the late launch of the 21.5 and 27-inch desktop computers. Apple announced that the new iMacs would be available “in November.” However, they are still not available for sale. Apple just announced yesterday that the 21.5-inch model will be available on Nov. 30, but the 27-inch iMac is listed as “Coming in December.”

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