Book With Hotel Tonight And Save Big On Last Minute Travel- iPad App Review

Imagine it is noon and you just received a call from your brother who is coming to town for the night on a business trip. He needs a place to crash and wants to know if he can stay with you. Trouble is, you already have two friends staying with you and don’t want to put them out, too. Especially since they planned their visit a month ago. You could tell your ill-prepared sibling that he is on his own, or you could win brownie points by setting him up in a fancy hotel in town for the night. He doesn’t need to know that you got the room for half price through Hotel Tonight.

This handy travel app will help you find amazing deals on hotels near you as long as you don’t mind waiting until the last possible minute to book your room.

Using your current location, Hotel Tonight will show you deals on same-day reservations that can offer unbelievable savings. Find a great deal and you can reserve the room right from within the app.

First, pick a city. If you are thinking about a short get-away trip with your honey, pick from a variety of participating cities that are less than 100 mile away. If you are headed for a long vacation and have an adventurous heart and expendable income, you can book last minute deals all over the world.

Once you’ve picked a city, you’ll see a maximum of three deals in that area, plus a list of nearby cities you could check instead. For example, you could try finding a great deal on a lodge in Lake Tahoe, or shack up for a night under the bright lights of Reno.

Browse through images that have been added by the hotel to see if it looks like the right fit for you. You can also read a quick summary from the details page, including best features, what to know about ahead of time, how many rooms the hotel has, how big the rooms are, and what the amenities are.

There is also a rating that lets you know whether the hotel is Basic, Solid- meaning a well-liked hotel with lots of amenities, Charming, Hip, etc. If you are looking for a hotel with personality, check out the charming and hip options first.

You have to be ready to book tonight. That is how the deals work. Some offer multiple night deals, but many are single-night offers and are only available for the same night. If you’ve got the right spirit, you can stay at luxury hotels at reduced rates.

What I liked: The app looks classy and inviting. The user interface is smooth.

What I didn’t like: A lot of the deals were disappointing. Getting $20 – $30 off of your room price isn’t worth the stress of waiting until the last minute to book a room, especially if the original price was $230 per night.

To buy or not to buy: It is free to download and worth your time. If you have this app, it might save you more money than you ever could have thought on your next impromptu vacation.

  • Name: Hotel Tonight
  • Version Reviewed: 4.1.0
  • Category: Travel
  • Developer: DealBase Corporation
  • Price: Free
  • Score:

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