Apple Working Double Shift to Release Maps ‘Version 2.0’

It is a good thing that senior-level Apple executives thrive on pressure, because there is no question that Eddy Cue has his fair-share with the impending release of the previously-failed (at least as far as the general public is concerned) Maps app.

We know that there are resource changes happening at Apple, but it seems the are also kicking development into high gear (working double shifts) in preparation for Maps version 2.0.

First thing Cue did was fire Richard Williamson, the man previously in charge of Maps. The second thing Cue did was take on the expanded role left vacant by Williamson’s departure. This move will either be brilliant or a disaster, depending on whether Cue has the capacity to properly handle everything in his portfolio (he is also responsible for Siri, another app from Apple that is subject to some criticism).

After the embarrassment felt by Apple (as seen in their public apology), it is virtually certain that the next version of Maps will be much-improved. Cue has been reported to have been speaking with Tom Tom to fix underlying problems with landmarks and navigation data that is shared with Apple’s service.

Frequently described as being a close confidant of the late Steve Jobs, Cue may have insight that others aren’t privy to as he guides the online efforts of Apple into the future. He certainly has his fair share of successes as the head of iTunes, having negotiated with music, television and movie companies for quality (and ever-improving) content.

A second stumble with Maps upon the release of version 2.0 could be a disaster for Apple, with Google turning up the heat with the release of an iOS version of their recently-ousted (and now significantly updated) map app.

Does Cue have what it takes? Doe Cue have the leadership ability to pull off these new responsibilities?

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