Robots for iPad – A Great App to Discover the Amazing World of Robots

If you can’t get enough of robots, there’s a brand new app that you won’t want to miss, called Robots for iPad, which was designed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

This app gives users an insight into the world of robotics, featuring an in-depth guide on the most advanced robots on the planet. With information on 126 robots from 19 countries, you’ll be able to get the rundown on all the top robot technology.

Robots has 360-degree views of each robot, plus interactive images, detailed specifications, and hundreds of photos and videos. Downloaders will be able to learn how robots work and spend hours exploring all of the different types of robots in this app.

Children and adults alike who are interested in robotics will absolutely love this app because it offers a hands-on experience for anyone wanting to learn more about robots.

Robots for iPad is currently available in the App Store, at the price of $4.99.

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