Apple Taking Over Several Magazines with Clever iPad Mini Ad Campaign

Apple’s got a couple of great commercials that are currently playing on televisions around the country, but the Cupertino-based company isn’t taking any chances on missing potential customers.

This week Apple released a series of clever magazine ads for the 7.85-inch iPad mini, with an actual size picture of the tablet printed on the back of the magazine, so readers can get an idea of the dimensions of Apple’s diminutive tablet.

The iPad mini ads also display the corresponding magazine on the iPad’s screen, demonstrating the potential of Apple’s Newsstand. For example, in the New Yorker and in TIME, the iPads in the ad show miniature versions of each magazine cover.

Have you gotten a glimpse at Apple’s new magazine ads? I saw one in person this weekend and seeing the size of the mini against the size of the magazine presents a convincing argument!

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