Apple Makes More Staff Changes Due to Maps Debacle

Were you disappointed with Apple’s Maps release this fall? Don’t worry, Apple was too. Before canning Scott Forstall and sending John Browett packing last month, Apple issued an apology, promising to fix its mapping application.

Scott Forstall, as the senior vice president of iOS software, was deemed responsible for the maps failure, but apparently, he’s not the only one being punished – Apple has also fired Richard Williamson, the manager who oversaw the mapping team.

According to Bloomberg, Williamson was pushed out by Eddy Cue, who has taken over Apple’s iOS division.

Cue has also taken steps to obtain outside help, allegedly contacting mapping company TomTom NV for assistance. While Apple used Yelp to provide points of interest for its maps, that partnership hasn’t worked out well – a lot of the data has proven to be inaccurate, leading to improper directions and incorrect location information.

With TomTom’s help and POI data, Apple could make huge improvements to Maps. TomTom has a huge (and more importantly accurate) database of locations to draw from, which are constantly updated by its users.

There’s no word on who will replace Williamson, but there is an entire team in place dedicated to repairing Apple’s Maps. There’s already been headway made towards fixing satellite imagery over the U.K. and improving location labels in the U.S., so it shouldn’t be long before Apple has a much improved mapping application.

[via Bloomberg]

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