Apple iPad Chipping Away At PC Use for E-Commerce, Dominates Mobile Shopping

As the two biggest shopping days of the year come to a close, analysts are crunching the numbers on who bought what with which device. IBM recently reported that mobile devices captured 18 percent of the shopping market on Cyber Monday with the iPad in the lead with 90.5 percent of all tablet use. E-commerce solutions provider Monetate offered additional information to show that consumers are shifting from traditional desktops and laptops toward mobile devices for their shopping needs.

According to Monetate’s Ecommerce Quarterly report, tablet-based purchases have begun to make a dent in overall online buys, causing retailers to rethink and redesign how they offer products to consumers.

The reports show that desktop and laptop traffic dropped from 92.33 percent to 81.60 percent from the same time last year while mobile devices like smartphones and tablets more than doubled their market share. Tablets took 8.37 percent of the share of websites visited, up from 3.16 in 2011, while smartphones took 10.03 percent, which is an increase of 5.48 percent from 2011.

AppleInsider spoke with Monetate Chief Marketing Officer Kurt Heinemann, who said he expects the trend to continue. “I truly believe that the tablet is best used as an ‘in-house’ mobile device — it’s a replacement for the desktop or the laptop,” Heinemann said. “The mobile device is really that second screen experience; it’s really married to [a user’s] media experience in a different way than the desktop.”

Monetate’s report shows that the iPad accounted for 88.94 percent of all website visits from tablets. Android-based devices only account for 6.34 percent and the Kindle Fire accounts for 4.71 percent.

Heinemann believes the iPad mini will be the game changer for ecommerce in the future. He told AppleInsider that the smaller-sized Apple tablet will begin to affect the market in early 2013 and might even surpass the full-sized iPad in online shopping.

Heinemann said that, because the impact will be so great, retailers will likely redesign their websites to the iPad mini’s dimensions.

“I think what you’re going to see is the iPad mini becoming almost a standard design format, because if you can design for the iPad mini, it’s going to work on the [full size] iPad, it’s going to work on the desktop,” he said. “So instead of taking the desktop and working it down to the iPad mini, think about taking your iPad mini experience and working it up to the desktop. It’s going to be that important.”

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