Join the Caped Crusader in Batman: Stickers with Sounds – iPad App Review

The only thing better than Batman is the cast of eight villainous characters he has to fight against to keep the city safe.

In Batman: Stickers with Sounds you get the benefit of an eBook with the interactive fun of stickers. From the moment I opened the app I was impressed by the bright and colorful high-resolution images and the strikingly clear audio.

As you navigate your way through all of the familiar bad guys, you accumulate points that unlock a surprise at the end. While you are visiting each scene, place any number of the available stickers up on the board to create your own custom pictures (with the added bonus of being able to zoom, rotate and relocate any of your placed stickers so you can truly get it looking perfect).

The high-resolution graphics are truly enjoyable, the sounds that play when you interact with the stickers are fun and clever, and the superhero theme is one that will mean a lot to many of your children.

What I liked: I love that the narrator reminds me of the old cartoons. His voice is clear and very engaging to listen to.

What I didn’t like: As you collect your Batman Bonus Points, there is no instruction or in-app indication to tell you why you are collecting them or where to find more.

To buy or not to buy: If you are a sucker for a superhero, this is an app you shouldn’t miss (especially at the introductory price, after this week it will be going up to $4.99. Once you try Batman, you should check out the other titles in the series as they are are equally enjoyable: DC Super Friends: Stickers with Sounds and Superman: Stickers with Sounds.


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