Bad News for Microsoft: iPad Fared Vastly Better Than Surface on Black Friday

When Microsoft launched their first tablet to the tech market, people were rabid with excitement about a device that features a mobile version of the company’s newest operating system, Windows 8. As usual, people were calling it the “iPad killer.” This time, it seemed like Microsoft might actually have a legitimate competitor for Apple’s tablet line. It looks like the Surface has joined the others in being little more than a temporary distraction in the tablet race this holiday season.

According to analyst firm Piper Jaffray, shoppers this past Black Friday were 47 percent more likely to head to an Apple retail store than a Microsoft store. How did they know? They sent a team out to watch both shops and get the numbers.

According to Gene Munster and his team of analysts, Black Friday shoppers purchased 17.2 items per hour from the Apple store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis. Shoppers in the same mall, directly across the way from the Apple store, purchased 3.5 items per hour from the Microsoft store.

Apple shoppers purchased an average of 11 iPads per hour, including the iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad. This is down by three iPads per hour from last year at the same time. Even though Apple sold less iPads per hour this year than last, at least they sold per hour. Piper Jaffray analysts who watch Microsoft reported that zero Surface tablets were sold during the two-hour period that the store was being monitored.

Munster reported that Mac sales were down at the Apple store as well. This is likely due to slowdown leading up to the company’s upcoming launch of the new generation desktop. He also noted that 16 GB iPad mini tablets are in limited supply right now, which may have contributed to the reduced sales year-over-year from 2011.

[Via: CNN]

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