Rock & Roll With Duck & Roll – iPad App Review

No one understands the hard life of a rocker. First, your parents tell you to “turn that racket down.” Then, you try to start a band but no one knows how to play AC/DC covers. Then, you enter a Battle of the Bands contest where the winner gets a record deal. That’s how it is in real life, right?

In Duck & Roll, players follow the life of a struggling musician who also happens to be a duck. He is a bit of a foul-mouthed fowl, but at least his cussing is represented with the word “duck” instead of the bad one that rhymes.

To follow Jeff “The odd duck’s” story, tap the stars that float through the sky at the exact-right moment. It is a lot like Guitar Hero, only he is a duck, you are tapping stars, and the songs aren’t by famous pop musicians.

As you tap your way to stardom, Jeff earns the hearts of his fans and becomes a rock god. With each new level, there is a new way to rock out.


At first, players tap a star as it approaches the designated spot. To get a perfect score, tap the star at the precise moment that it hits its highest point. Next, players learn sliding stars, cutting stars, and holding stars. Add all of these gestures to the original tapping and you’re on your way to fame and fortune.


There are six levels with six different songs. Once you’ve completed each level in easy mode, you can try it again with normal mode and hard mode. The songs range from pop to metal, which is nice because you don’t get sick of the genre. The musicians listed in the credits for these songs are Saints of Silence Dan Phillison, and Tempero.

This is a fairly entertaining game for fans of tap-based rhythm games. What makes this more interesting than others in the genre is the addition of swipe-to-cut note playing. It gives the app some added uniqueness.


What I liked: I liked that there are a few different tap controls. Sometimes, you must slice stars in two, and other times, you must hold a star for four or five seconds to earn the points.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like the music, but that is my personal taste. It isn’t annoying or anything. I also look forward to seeing more levels. You get through the first six too fast. I know you can replay the same levels in harder modes, but I want more levels.

To buy or not to buy: Fans of tap-based music games will enjoy this one. It is on sale for a limited time, so pick it up while it is only $0.99.

    • Name: Duck & Roll
    • Version Reviewed: V1.0
    • Category: Games
    • Developer: Wild Factor
    • Price: $0.99
    • Score:

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