iPad Drives Black Friday Online Shopping

When you hear “Black Friday,” generally the first image that comes to mind is long lines, stampedes and general chaos as shoppers try to score the best deals.  But these days, more of us are choosing to stick to the comforts of home and our iPads to get our Christmas shopping done.

This year, online shopping sales on Black Friday increased by 20.4 percent, and 24 percent of those online shoppers were using mobile devices.  Not surprisingly, Apple led the mobile shopping experience with a whopping 88.3 percent of the tablet shopping traffic and 9.3 percent of all mobile shopping.  The iPad and iPhone together accounted for 18.5 percent of all mobile shopping transactions.

Despite recent reports by the International Data Corporation of Android starting to eat up Apple’s market share, these stats indicate that even if consumers are actually buying more Android tablets, they clearly aren’t bothering to use them much, if at all.  As Tim Cook said during the iPhone 5 announcement, “I don’t know what these other tablets are doing. They must be in warehouses or store shelves or maybe in people’s bottom drawer.”

Home goods seemed to be the big winner of the online shopping, with sales up nearly 30 percent over last year.  Apparel also saw an uptick of 17.5 percent over last year’s numbers.  The average order total actually dropped 4.7 percent to $181.22 – sales totals might have been higher overall, but that was due to shoppers placing orders more frequently, taking advantage of multiple retailer sales and free shipping offers.

Did you snag any great deals with your iPad on Black Friday?

About Jenni: Jenni is a healthy-living food blogger who rarely lets her iPad leave her side. Find her on Twitter @spoonfulatatime.