Road Trip Essentials: Super Fun Games to Play in the Car

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate friends, family, and great food, but it’s also often a day that involves long, tiring commutes with a backseat full of kids. If you need a way to keep the family occupied on the long ride to grandma’s house, check out this list of fun games that you can play in the car.

Road-Trip-Bingo HD ($1.99) – This app brings the classic family travel game to your iPad, and it’s guaranteed to keep the kids amused as they hunt for items on the roadside. Road Trip Bingo will generate a random bingo card, filled with road signs, vehicles, animals, scenery, and more. Find five different objects in a row to win, and then play again to keep the fun going. This will turn tedious road trips into great family bonding time.


License Plate Game HD ($1.99) – Finding different state license plates is a classic road trip game, and with this simple app, you can instruct the kids to keep an eye out for a plate from all of the states and keep track of what’s been found with the included list. You can keep track of found license plates, visited states, and kids can even read included Wikipedia articles on each of the state license plates that they find. This is a great way to have fun and learn something along the way too.


Mad Libs (Free) – Mad Libs is a great game to play in the car, because kids can take turns filling in the blanks to complete hilarious stories that will entertain the entire family. This app has Retina graphics so it’s perfect for full-sized iPads, and the free version of the app comes with 21 stories that you can play. In addition to the included stories, there are 30 other Mad Libs books with 21 stories each, and they have themes like Cool, Goofy, Mad, and more, so you can have plenty of fun on every occasion. This is a great app to keep on hand whenever you need some quick entertainment.


We There Yet? ($0.99) – This is a game that’s similar to I-Spy and Road Trip Bingo, and it’s guaranteed to keep kids quiet and occupied for hours. The app provides a list of road signs, animals, objects, and more for kids to watch for on road trips. When they find an item on the list, a simple tap marks it off and adds to their score points. There are more than 140 items on the list to find, and they can collaborate on a single iPad or compete on separate iPads to see who wins as the best item spotter.

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    Looks like some great suggestions, thanks. My daughter will love a couple of these. :]