Get in the Turkey Day Spirit with these Thanksgiving Themed Apps

Thanksgiving is here, and for many Americans, that means it’s time for food, fun, and spending time with friends and family. We’ve rounded up some great Thanksgiving apps that will help you, your kids, and your family get into the holiday spirit.

These apps are also perfect for keeping the little ones occupied while you whip up a delicious dinner, so if you’re looking for some fun (and peace and quiet) on turkey day, make sure to check out our list after the break.

Tom the Talking Thanksgiving Turkey (Free) – Like all of the other “talking apps” Tom the turkey will repeat back everything that you say in a higher pitched voice, which is always hilarious no matter what age you are. And since it’s ad supported, its an entirely free way to have a bit of fun. Kids will love talking to Tom and listening to him repeat their words. You can even interact with Tom, playing him music and making him dance. Can you eat faster than Tom? Challenge him to an eating contest and find out. Just don’t eat Tom!


Holiday Picture It! (Free) – Take photos of the food, your friends, and the family dog and then spice those pictures up with Holiday Picture It, which allows you to add silly accents to all of your photos. Put a mouth and some googly eyes on that delicious looking turkey, or add a hat onto Uncle Bob. This silly app will turn your boring holiday photos into hilarious works of art. While it is a free download, unlocking the Thanksgiving pack (of 30 images) will cost $0.99, well worth it if you want to have a little photo fun. You can also get the whole app shebang for $3.99.


ScrapPad – Thanksgiving Sticker Book (Free) – Take photos at your Thanksgiving gathering and then use this scrapbooking app to add plenty of turkey-themed embellishments. Just import a photo, add a border, add stickers, and then share your work on Facebook or via email. This is a great way to get the kids involved too – let them add embellishments, stickers, and choose the background to make the perfect memorable Thanksgiving photos.


Bobbleshop ($2.99) – This bobble head avatar maker app is tons of fun. The whole family can use this app to create different virtual bobble-head dolls, making one for every likeness. The app includes thousands of different editable parts that you can stretch or squeeze in any position. Need to replicate Aunt Edna’s big nose or Uncle Bob’s larger than life feet? No problem with this app. While there are hundreds of normal costumes, this app also includes a slew of Thanksgiving themed garments so you can turn every family member into a silly pilgrim.


Jive Turkey Shoot (Free) – This is an app that’s strictly for adults, because it may be a bit gruesome for children. If you need some relaxation after stressing over the perfect cooked turkey all day long, this is the app to download. The goal? Shoot the turkey and try to get as many points as possible. You’ll score 150 points per turkey, and there are also plenty of irritating side dishes to shoot up like corn on the cob, pumpkins, and potatoes. It’s a great stress reliever, but stay away if you’re a turkey lover!

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