Norton Mobile Security Suite Update, Now For iOS Devices

Security protection company Symantec recently announced that its popular anti-virus software for mobile devices is not compatible with iPhones and iPads. Now that Apple is selling devices in the tens of millions every year, it is more important than ever to protect your iPad.

Norton Mobile Security safeguards personal information by backing up your data to Web-based cloud storage so that you can access it if you accidentally delete your contacts or get your phone stolen.

You can block phishing websites that try to access personal information that can ultimately be used to steal your identification. The software also instantly locks your phone if the SIM card is removed, so it becomes useless if someone tries to import another SIM card.

The service sets off a “scream” alarm if you’ve misplaced your phone or tablet so you can easily find it (or scare the pants off of the thief who stole it). There is a location finder integrated with the security software so you can find your tablet or phone where ever it is. You can also set a customized message so that good Samaritans who just want to help you get your device back will know what to do to contact you. If someone decides they want to keep your gadget, you can turn on the snapshot feature and take a picture of your thief when it is in “Lost” mode.

You can also wipe the phone remotely if you don’t want personal information to get into the wrong hands.

Norton Mobile Security costs $29.99 for one years worth of protection on one device. Two years worth of protection is only $20 more. This added protection may not stop your iPhone or iPad from getting stolen, but it will secure your personal information, hiding it from criminals but giving you access to it any time.

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  • Captain ZADL

    What a rip off! iCloud, which is free and already included backs up your contacts and personal info already! AND allows you to remote-wipe your phone or iPad in case of theft.

    Only a chump of the highest order would pay $30 for something that iOS does for free already. Further, Apple’s “Walled Garden” of the App store guarantees that you won’t download any viruses, or other malware. You’d be an idiot to fall for this.

    • Captain ZADL

      AND the apps are “Sandboxed” and can’t talk to each other anyway! There is no way this could work at all!

      Only Android fans (who wouldn’t buy an iOS device anyway) would fall for this scam. Everything that they complain about Apple’s OS doing, not being “open” and all that PROTECTS YOU from this kind of thing being a) necessary and b) possible on iOS.