Google Takes Direct Aim at Apple’s Airplay

GigaOm is reporting today that Google has plans to develop an “open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay” to offer over-the-air video streaming capabilities to whomever wants it. If there was every a way to turn Apple’s AirPlay into outdated technology, it would be this. Why would electronics manufactures and software developers try to work with Apple when they can get an open sourced version of the technology for free?

According to GigaOm, the technology will allow users to exchange data between second screens, like smart phones and tablets, and TV-connected devices. YouTube recently implemented this technology by sending videos from Android phones and tablets directly to Google TV devices.

Last week, Google launched a dedicated micro site that features an AirPlay like remote control feature for YouTube using an Android-based phone or tablet. The site allows users to take control of their screen with their mobile device.

Google product manager Timbo Drayson told GigiOm that this is just the first step toward moving the whole industry forward. Google, apparently is “actively working with other companies” to make this technology an open standard to be used on any platform.

This will make Apple’s AirPlay old news. The iPad maker would no longer be the only company with such technology. Who needs an Apple TV set top box when you can use Google TV? Why invest in the rumored upcoming television set by Apple if any TV will be capable of this technology in just a few years?

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  • Alfiejr

    “Who needs an Apple TV set top box …” for AirPlay? um, lemme see ….

    everybody with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch maybe? all x hundred million of them? which are/will always be incompatible with GoogleTV anyway?

    and of course MS will embrace this so-called Google “standard” for the Xbox too … sure they will.

    Apple is “old news”? don’t you really mean Google is “late to the party”?

    all assuming this vaporware ever ships at all, and isn’t as screwed up as Google TV is now.