Redesigned USA Today App Gets Mixed Review

USA Today recently got a design overhaul, adding new utilities and capabilities like bigger images, visual storytelling, and deeper coverage with a more user-friendly experience. The addition of live video coverage, up-to-the-second headlines, interactive weather mapping and new user controls allow users to see stories and follow the news in a more unique way.

If you’re a previous user of USA Today, you will find that the app is now designed to adapt to how users consume news based on the time of day, with a quick-scan text view available in the morning and an image-focused view available at night.

You will also notice a new customizable quick information panel to select the information that you want to see, from sports scores and weather alerts to travel information and more. It sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, USA Today’s new update is being met with some criticism, and for good reason. Just after loading the new version of the app myself, I noticed that images are not displaying or loading properly and that it takes quite a bit of time to load each different page.

While I like the new layout, I’m not impressed with the speed of the app. Here’s what a few App Store reviewers have had to say:

“The upgrade creates a slower, more cumbersome UI, with no focus whatsoever. In an attempt to be more flipbook like, they have ruined what was at the core its best asset, simplicity.” -gsschneider77

“They took the cleanest, easiest-to-navigate, best news interface in the business and totally junked it up. More is not better USA today. I want to go back to the previous version.” -Ehsa2

“This was my favorite news app until the update. You’ve ruined it by making it so cluttered, hard to read, & full of ads.” -Ay23den

As you can see, the app is getting a lot of negative reviews. The current version of USA Today is at 1.5 stars in the App Store, which is abysmally low. Have you been able to check out the new app today? What do you think?

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  • Greig Tilley

    Mixed reviews? With 1500 reviews so far for the new app, almost all of them negative, that’s not mixed, that’s overwhelmingly against. The new app is a total failure that took a once great app and ruined it.

  • mbrookh

    Makes me want to cry…loved this it’s only on my home screen to serve as a morbid gravestone for memories of what used to be…