ORA Packs Audio Punch into Cool iPad Case

If there is any major complaint with the hardware of the iPad its in the audio. Currently, the full-sized tablet does not include stereo speakers and the only way to hear anything without headphones is through a two-inch speaker on the backside of the device. The Amplifiear is one simple way to redirect audio to the front of the iPad, but the ORA is another Kickstarter production that will enhance your listening experience by having its own, internal speaker system to really boost your iPad’s sound.

Disappointed with the lack of audio that the iPad offers, the designers of the unique case thought, “Why not add eight speakers?” and thus, the ORA was born.

This interesting new iPad case features eight front-facing speakers, an integrated cover that turns into a stand, and a lightweight, rugged enclosure.

The ORA runs on its own batteries, so you don’t have to worry about draining your precious iPad battery life while you watch movies. You can listen for up to 10 hours before needing a recharge.

The ORA uses a Digital Signal Processor to control 3D stereo expansion to delver a full immersive audio experience and the dynamic range correction controls available power to match the speakers dynamic response. These design parameters ensure the user will have a great audio experience under a multitude of conditions.

“iPad users crave music, movies, and digital content while on-the-go, so we wanted to create an accessory that optimizes sound quality while maintaining portability,” said Olivier Boireau, CEO of SHIFT, which is one of the companies that helped design the ORA. “Its amazing display provides a unique viewing experience, yet the existing audio output doesn’t always live up to the high visual standard. Our product provides the high quality sound your iPad deserves—in a beautifully crafted, go-anywhere design. ORA is the perfect combination of form and function.”

You can pick up an ORA for as low as $99 in the “early supporter” campaign. This low price will get you the speaker case, but not the additional cover and stand. The best deal is the early supporter campaign for $129, which gets you the ORA, plus the matching cover and stand in either red, green or cyan. You can also spend a few dollars more to get the Limited Edition ORA for $149, which comes in white and aluminum with a white-on-white finish and an aluminum outer ring. True entrepreneurs will be interested in the $1,000 pledge, which will let you meet the team that developed the ORA and spend the day with them. Maybe they will even buy you lunch. Oh, you’ll also get a custom engraved Limited Edition ORA with matching cover and stand.

The ORA is expected to ship next June. You can show your support by pre-ordering through their Kickstarter page today. The campaign will end on Sunday, Dec. 30.

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