Oprah Tweets Her Love for Surface Tablets from an iPad

Early this month, Oprah added Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Surface tablet to her list of “Favorite Things,” but though the talk show maven loves the Microsoft tablet, it’s still Apple’s tablet that she uses from day to day.

Last night, The Next Web caught Oprah tweeting about the surface from her iPad. “Gotta say love that SURFACE!” she writes. “Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts.”

Here’s what she had to say about the Surface tablet when she added it to her list on November 2nd:

“The Surface, Microsoft’s first tablet, feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me, people!” The full-sized keyboard built right into the cover makes work easy, and the very smart kickstand makes watching a movie or Skyping a friend a delight, the less than a pound-and-a-half weight makes a great alternative to a laptop, and the many other features make it fun for work and play. Now that’s a wowser!”

That promotion sounds like it came directly out of the mouth of Microsoft, and now we know why. Oprah’s still in love with her iPad. If the Surface is so amazing, Oprah, why aren’t you using it yourself? Oh, right, there’s no native Twitter app on the Surface.

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    That’s awesome. I bet Microsoft gives her an ear full for this one.