eBay Unveils Store for Apple Certified Refurbished Products

There’s a new way to get a great deal on a fully functional Apple product, and it’s through eBay. The auction site has just introduced a new center on its website, which is dedicated to selling Apple certified refurbished products including iPads, MacBooks, and iPod touches.

Currently, you will find a range of MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, iPads, and iPod touches in the refurbished store, though more products will undoubtedly be added as they become available.

Prices are in line with the prices you will find in the refurbished section of Apple’s own website, with a third generation 32GB white WiFi only iPad selling for $469, which is a great deal because the product costs $599 brand new.

There are also fourth generation iPod touches for just $179, and some great deals on Apple’s MacBook Airs – an entry level 13-inch is just $919.

Every product in the eBay Apple Store has passed through the same quality inspection as the products on Apple’s refurbished website, and each one comes with a one-year warranty. You’ll even be getting a brand new battery when you purchase an iPad or an iPod.

Pretty solid deals, so make sure to check out the new eBay site when you’re doing your Christmas shopping this year.

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