Play as Your Favorite Cartoon Characters in Jumping Finn Turbo – iPad Game Review

Jumping Finn Turbo stars Finn and Jake, the main characters from the popular Cartoon Network television show Adventure Time. If you’re not familiar with the series, Finn is a 14-year-old human boy, and Jake is a dog with magical shapeshifting powers.

In this game, the Ice King has kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, you must help Jake and Finn rescue her. To do that, you will play as Jake, and kick Finn as hard as you can to send him flying through the air over and over again until he can get to the castle.

To launch Finn into the air, you will need to tap once on Jake to get him ready to kick, and to start the power meter. Tapping him again will launch Finn into the air.

While Finn is in the air, you can tap on him to give him an extra speed boost. As he heads towards the ground, you will be able to bounce him back into the sky one time, by tapping once again when the bounce signal pops up.

After the second boost, Finn will begin his decline. He can only get so far, but every flight earns star points, which are then used to buy upgrades.

Upgrades do things like increase the amount of time that Finn can stay in the air. Some make Jake stronger and faster, which gives more of an initial boost. There are quite a few of these upgrades to earn, and as you unlock them, Finn will fly further each time.

The idea, then, is to get as far as possible to score points. There is also a secondary goal for each flight, which may require you to perform certain moves or get a certain distance. Fulfilling these will earn you even more points.

There are some obstacles to avoid, such as penguins, which will turn Finn into a block of ice. If this happens, you will need to tap him to break him out. You can also tap the penguins to squish them.

All in all, Jumping Finn Turbo is a fun casual game that’s perfect for people of every age. It has quite a bit of gameplay, plus leaderboards and achievements to earn.

What I liked: The game has great cartoon graphics. It looks fantastic on the Retina iPad, and it plays well too.

What I didn’t like: This is a simple game, so it can get boring after just a few rounds. I disliked the Adventure Time logo that popped up before every single flight – I’d rather be able to get right back into the game without constantly looking at a loading logo.

To buy or not to buy: If you’re a fan of the cartoon, this is a must download game. It’s entertaining and it stars your favorite characters.

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